Lander Moab iPhone X Rugged Case – Black

Built to last and providing peerless protection for your iPhone X, the Moab rugged case is engineered with a layer of Lander’s signature Thermoline material for extreme temperature resistance. Also includes a detachable lanyard for added security.Trademark Thermoline material for temperature control, Prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures can negatively impact the performance of your iPhone X, or even damage its battery.Keep your iPhone X running smoothly and your battery in perfect condition with Lander's trademark Thermoline insulation technology, the Moab's advanced insulation layer keeps your iPhone X performing at peak levels for longer by using Lander's unique temperature regulating design to help maintain the perfect operating temperature in extreme conditions.Rugged, hard-wearing protection for your iPhone X, For most people, a regular case is enough for their iPhone X. They'll probably be using it around the office, in the house, perhaps when they go on holiday. Not you, though. You're an adventurer. You're an intrepid explorer, pushing yourself to the limits to find new experiences and battle the elements. Maybe your job is dangerous, or maybe it's just really tough, and you need something seriously heavy-duty to protect your iPhone. Enter the Lander Moab. The Moab is designed to resist extreme temperatures, as well as being reinforced to resist even the most terrifying impacts and drops. This is a serious case for serious iPhone X users.Crush zones provide superior impact protection, Although the iPhone X is a wonderful device, like most smartphones, it can be quite fragile. With the Lander Moab, you can rest assured that even if you do accidentally drop your phone, "crush zone" construction ensures that impact is dispersed properly throughout the case, directing damage away from your phone. The Moab also sports a precision-engineered, high-quality build which will easily shrug off scratches, scrapes and surface damage.Detachable lanyard for added security, Keep your device within reach at all times with the Moab's lanyard loop. Completely detachable, this lanyard provides even more drop protection by ensuring that your phone won't fall if you do lose your grip – not that the hard-wearing, textured surface of the Moab makes losing your grip easy.Not feeling the lanyard? No worries – it's completely detachable, so if you prefer to travel light (or take a walk on the wild side), the choice is yours.Illumifind stitching catches light, increasing visibility, The Lander Moab is put together with Illumifind stitching, a special kind of reflective detailing which catches the light just right and allows your device to always be seen. Dropped your phone in the dark? No problem – the reflective Illumifind stitching means you only have to move around a little to see exactly where your phone is.Designed for iPhone X, The Lander Moab is designed for iPhone X, which not only ensures a perfect fit but also means you'll always have access to your phone's features and ports – charging port, front and rear cameras, volume rocker and more.

Lander Moab iPhone X Rugged Case - Black
Lander Moab iPhone X Rugged Case - BlackLander Moab iPhone X Rugged Case - BlackLander Moab iPhone X Rugged Case - Black

Joking aside, it does sound quite a useful feature. If it can learn from its owner’s habits (getting up at a reasonable hour, say), then it could be pretty cool. Other devices already learn from what we like, so why not the gadget we carry with us everywhere we go? Such a feature would help LG stand out from the identikit Android handsets currently flooding the market. LG’s mobiles typically score pretty well in our reviews, but Prada Phone aside, I can’t think of much differentiation in the company’s product range. Sure, it has 3D phones, but they’re a bit of a gimmick, in my opinion. The Prada Phone scored far better than most fashion tie-ins, however Lander Moab iPhone X Rugged Case – Black. Its L range also looks pretty nice — we’re currently awaiting a review unit, so we’ll bring you a full verdict as soon as we can. In the meantime, check out our hands-on of the flagship L7..

Meanwhile, in another SEC filing on Wednesday, Palm cut its financial outlook for the current quarter. Palm said it now expects revenue for the current quarter to be between $90 million and $100 million, and to end the quarter with about $350 million to $400 million in cash and short-term investments. Update 3:55 p.m. PDT: An investigation on behalf of Palm shareholders has begun, looking into whether HP’s offer to Palm was the best option. Lawyers at Washington-based Finkelstein-Thompson are looking at the potential unfairness of the consideration to Palm’s shareholders and the process by which Palm’s Board of Directors considered and approved the transaction, the firm said in a statement Wednesday evening Lander Moab iPhone X Rugged Case – Black. They note that Palm was trading at $17.46 as recently as September 2009, and at least one analyst has set a target price for Palm’s stock at $14.00 per share. The stock closed at $4.63 Wednesday..

Documents released by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden have described programs with a narrower reach, such as acquiring phone records and stored metadata. The newly revealed programs demonstrate that the agency has the ability to track almost any online activity, the Journal reported. The NSA responded by saying it places as much emphasis on the privacy of U.S. citizens as it does on defending their safety. NSA’s signals intelligence mission is centered on defeating foreign adversaries who aim to harm the country, the agency said in a statement to CNET Lander Moab iPhone X Rugged Case – Black. We defend the United States from such threats while fiercely working to protect the privacy rights of U.S. persons. It’s not either/or. It’s both. (Editor’s note: The agency later issued a statement saying that media reports based on the Journal’s article provide an inaccurate and misleading picture of NSA’s collection programs. See the update note at the bottom of this article.)..

Forthcoming devices to use Android Wear also include Motorola’s planned Moto 360 . Other smartwatches ready to adorn wrists include the unfortunately-named I’m Watch , the fancy Meta smartwatch , and the Samsung Gear 2 . Company reveals the G Watch, which is set to become one of the first smartwatches powered by Android Wear Lander Moab iPhone X Rugged Case – Black. Watch out, it’s the LG G Watch. LG has revealed a picture of the forthcoming smartwatch set to become one of the first wearable devices to be powered by Google’s Android Wear..

The widgets are really the central focus of Pocketfuzz, as all purchasing and downloading activity can be completed through them without needing to actually visit the homepage. Gayer and Newman also assured me that the site is strictly monitored to make sure nobody uploads anything that’s copyrighted, and that takedown procedures will be implemented in the case of infringing content Lander Moab iPhone X Rugged Case – Black. (It goes without saying that the How do you deal with piracy? question is something that any new media site, but particularly a music-based one, gets asked these days.)..