LoveCases Floral Art iPhone 6S / 6 Case – Blue

Enhance and protect your iPhone 6S / 6 with this charmingly chic case from LoveCases. Your iPhone fits perfectly into the secure, durable frame, while a classical blue floral design adds a touch of rustic on-trend beauty to your already-gorgeous device.Classical chic and eleganceat a glance for your iPhone 6S / 6Comprising a single piece of ultra-thin polycarbonate overlaid with a beautiful floral art aesthetic, this iPhone 6S / 6 case truly brings the charm without ever being tacky. The Floral Art from LoveCases wraps itself effortlessly around your device, clinging to its every contour and providing protection while augmenting the aesthetic of your iPhone and looking simply stunning while doing so.Fantastic floral art patternOn the back and sides of this case is a stunning floralpattern, which brings a touch of historic antiquity to your iPhone 6S / 6 and serves as the perfect blend of the modern and the classical. The pattern is aesthetically pleasing and catches the eye when the device is placed face down or while you're using it out and about – perfect for attracting a little extra attention at a party, for example.A shield for your phoneLest you think this case is just a pretty face, think again. A sturdy, rigid polycarbonate frame – which nevertheless has the perfect amount of flexibility to protect your device – shields your iPhone 6S / 6 from drops, scrapes and bumps. You really can have it all with this attractive and protective cover.Slim fitting and lightweightThis extremely lightweightcase provides excellent protection without adding any unnecessary bulkto your iPhone. This means that you will have no problems placing the phone in your pocket, bag or anywhere else. It also means the iPhone 6S / 6's natural form is preserved as well as protected.Designed specifically for the iPhone 6S / 6Designed specifically with the iPhone 6S / 6 in mind, you can rest assured that the ports and features of your device will remain fully exposed – including the rear camera, charging port and volume keys -so you can use your phone to the fullest capacity whileit is in the case.

LoveCases Floral Art iPhone 6S / 6 Case - Blue
LoveCases Floral Art iPhone 6S / 6 Case - BlueLoveCases Floral Art iPhone 6S / 6 Case - BlueLoveCases Floral Art iPhone 6S / 6 Case - BlueLoveCases Floral Art iPhone 6S / 6 Case - BlueLoveCases Floral Art iPhone 6S / 6 Case - BlueLoveCases Floral Art iPhone 6S / 6 Case - BlueLoveCases Floral Art iPhone 6S / 6 Case - BlueLoveCases Floral Art iPhone 6S / 6 Case - BlueLoveCases Floral Art iPhone 6S / 6 Case - BlueLoveCases Floral Art iPhone 6S / 6 Case - Blue

11:33 a.m. (Jessica Dolcourt): BlackBerry wasn’t addressed at all, just Android and iPhone. 11:34 a.m.: Q: Coming back to the difficulty of users logging into mobile apps, is that something you saw users having trouble with? LoveCases Floral Art iPhone 6S / 6 Case – Blue. A: Tseng: Yes, even if you just talk to developers, you’ll get evidence of that. It’s a really big problem, and one of the top issues devs get today. Zuckerberg: It’s easy to look at something like this and say oh, now you just got rid of a password field, but this is similar to YouTube changing Web video: You just click a video and it starts playing, which is what helped make video take off. We think the same thing will happen with single sign-on. More people using your apps will be doing so in a social way..

A 48-port version of the 3870 switch will cost $5,995, while a 24-port version will cost $3,995. Both should go on sale in June. Realistically, few companies need to upgrade to 10-Gigabit Ethernet today. Still, with hardware prices falling sharply during the last few months, network managers are being encouraged to plan for a future in which their users run applications that demand this extra bandwidth. New switches will come with a built-in 10-Gigabit expansion slot, intended to make it easier for customers to upgrade without replacing their hardware LoveCases Floral Art iPhone 6S / 6 Case – Blue.

The company also surpassed the 1.2 billion mark on total iPhones sold. The iPad snapped 13 consecutive quarters of declines with a 15 percent gain in unit sales and a 2 percent gain in revenue. That’s likely helped by the introduction of the new 10.5-inch iPad Pro, but Cook also noted that iPad sales to education rose 32 percent over a year ago. He noted that half of the iPads sold in China and Japan were too first-time iPad buyers. Cook also touted the market share leadership of the Apple Watch, although once again stayed mum on any specific numbers LoveCases Floral Art iPhone 6S / 6 Case – Blue.

Kennard also defended the choice not to force AT&T to open up its cable lines to other broadband Net service providers, an issue the agency has remained steadfast about for months. The most important thing this country needs now is more investment in broadband, Kennard said, echoing comments made after the agency approved AT&T’s merger with cable firm TCI. In order to foster that investment, we need to let this market develop. LoveCases Floral Art iPhone 6S / 6 Case – Blue. The close of AT&T’s purchase of MediaOne, which is expected later this summer, is likely to touch off a series of negotiations between Ma Bell and Time Warner, two communications and entertainment powerhouses and competitors..

CNET también está disponible en español. Don’t show this again. Captura announced Tuesday that it has raised $15 million in debt and equity financing. Previous investors such as the Sprout Group, Oak Investment Partners, Merrill Lynch, Westbridge and Voyager Capital contributed to the equity portion of the round while Captura arranged the debt financing through Silicon Valley Bank. The Kirkland, Wash.-based company said the recent funding will help bring its cash flow to positive levels later this year and will also allow it to market its products to small and medium-sized businesses LoveCases Floral Art iPhone 6S / 6 Case – Blue. Captura provides Web-based expense management services to business customers that include General Motors, Ericsson and Aetna Life Insurance..