UAG Plyo iPhone XS Max Tough Protective Case – Ice Reviews

The Urban Armour Gear Plyo semi-transparent tough case in ice for the iPhone XS Max features reinforced Air-Soft corners and an optimised honeycomb structure for superior drop and shock protection.

UAG Plyo iPhone XS Max Tough Protective Case - Ice Reviews

A volume rocker makes its home on the right side of the Triumph. The smartphone measures 0.4 inch thick by 4.8 inches tall by 2.5 inches wide and weighs 5 ounces. The phone’s design is rather bland but has a solid construction. The power/lock button resides on the left. On back, you’ll find the Triumph’s 5-megapixel camera and LED flash. The camera offers auto focus and can record 720p HD video at 30fps (frames per second). There’s also a front-facing VGA camera. The larger screen and landscape support will give all those messaging fans an easier way to text and send e-mails UAG Plyo iPhone XS Max Tough Protective Case – Ice Reviews.

The design is physically identical, with the curved back that makes it very comfortable to hold. In his full review, my esteemed colleague Brian Bennett said the phone felt pretty damn good and that the rounded frame fit his manly palm like a glove . The Moto X will be available in the UK in either white or black. In the US, the phone can be customised with a wide variety of colours and backing materials — including bamboo — using the Moto Maker website UAG Plyo iPhone XS Max Tough Protective Case – Ice Reviews. With so many colours and accents to choose from, Motorola says there are thousands of configurations possible. At the London launch, however, Motorola told me that the customising isn’t available in Europe but that Moto is looking at bringing this to the Moto X at some point ..

Apple wants to you to believe in Apple, that it transcends the competition with design and engineering genius that you can feel even if you can’t see it. Product introductions are usually predictable, orchestrated events. Company executives in jeans stalk a football stadium-sized stage and let their products do the talking: This is our great new product, here are the specs, and now we’ll demo some of the features. It’s better than anything else on the market, and it’s available soon for this price in these configurations. It’s really amazing. Apple execs did their fair share of stalking the stage Monday with well-rehearsed, Steve Jobsian product intro panache, demoing alternately what they described as incredible and stunning products at the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference. It was an impressive performance, with some elegant refining of OS X and iOS, as well as MacBook Airs with longer battery life and a reimagined Mac Pro UAG Plyo iPhone XS Max Tough Protective Case – Ice Reviews. (You can read all the Apple WWDC 2013 news here.)..

Vint Cerf, Google’s chief Internet evangelist and one of the original architects of the Internet, joined other pioneers in sending another letter to the FCC expressing support for the commission’s proposed rules UAG Plyo iPhone XS Max Tough Protective Case – Ice Reviews. Cerf discussed the letter with a reporter from The Washington Post and offered his thoughts on why an open Internet is needed to ensure innovation and growth on the Web. The issue is nondiscrimination against applications and against consumer choice, The Washington Post quoted him as saying. That should be clear by the letter from my colleagues, and by others, that the fundamental concern is that the provider of broadband service not be able to take advantage of that to act in an anticompetitive fashion against others that are trying to provide competitive applications using the same broadband facilities. ..

If you’re looking to protect the phone you already have, there are a number of ruggedised cases available, especially for the Apple iPhone. Speck ToughSkin is one we like, thanks to its gnarly horn-like protrusions and its reasonable AU$44.95 price tag. OtterBox is probably the best-known name in tough iPhone cases, and its latest looks sleeker and slimmer than early versions UAG Plyo iPhone XS Max Tough Protective Case – Ice Reviews. Rugged cases tend to be quite bulky, but not so here. It’s RRP AU$69 is a bit pricey, but there are plenty of stores online that are selling it cheaper..